Blackout Fest returns for its 13th edition

Blackout Fest will be returning for its 13th edition this fall, and we are stoked about it.

That’s right, Brantford, Ontario will once again be rocking out to the sweet sounds of Blackout Fest. Back for its thirteenth edition, with a stellar line-up.

The two day event will showcase the talents of Seaway, Direct Hit, Like Pacific, The Anti-Queens, The Penske File – who you’ll recall had their van and personal belongings stolen while playing at Montreal’s Pouzza fest earlier in the year. There is still a GoFundMe page up to help them out, too. Check that out and chip in if you can.

Other artists on the bill include Keep Flying, Harbour and Young Culture. Romancer, Calling All Captains, Eternal Boy and Boys Of Fall. Summer Wars, Telltale, Letdown. Carried Away, Rival Town and Plans. The Wildhood, 30 Going On 13, Among Legends and Anti-Social Surf Club. The Advancing Low Lives, Bad Buzz, The Barrel Rejects and Bonnavilles. Burnaby, Candy Hangover, City Motor, Closer To Zero. Coming Clean, Crown & Jester, Culture Crooks and Deadhawk FM. Dog Cops, The Doomsday League, The Downcast, Drivr and Eons Away. Ever Elsewhere, Fifteen Rockets, Hesitate and The Highdives.

The Holdouts, Holy Smokes, Illicit and In All Fairness. Incase We Crash, The Inclines, Jump Moon, Kill The Duke, Late Kings and Mavis. Melbourne, Minority 905, No Big Deal and No Service. Nomads, Nothing Serious, Nothing Special, Oakrest and Our Saving Republic. The Plugs, Poor Judgement, The Same As Always and Service Delay. The Skraggs, Soft Limits, Southbound, Space Weather and Spinster Jones. Strike The Earth, Suburban Casualty, Summer Heights and Summerteeth. Sundiver, Sweet Toothe, There There and Up North. Waivers, Wasting Time, The Way Out and Welland Wasted.

Tickets and all that

Blackout Fest takes place on October 18th and 19th in Downtown Brantford. You can purchase your tickets by visiting the Blackout Fest website.

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