Stingers destroy Martlets to win Kelly-Anne Drummond Cup (Photo Gallery)

The 15th edition of the Kelly-Anne Drummond cup took place this weekend, as the Concordia Stingers dismantled the McGill Martlets.

Concordia dominated McGill in all facets of the game in a very one-sided match. On a gorgeous autumn day, where the sun’s rays warmed a slight chill in the air, the home town Stingers gave their Notre Dame de Grace faithful plenty to cheer about.

The Stingers scored an early try that they were not able to convert and were soon back on an offensive. This time, getting the ball to the ground proved a difficult task as McGill did all they could defensively. On three occasions, Concordia thought they had scored but the referee disagreed. The Martlets were able to keep the ball up on each occasion.

An error from McGill saw a wayward pass land neatly in the arms of a Stinger who cradled it into touch. Concordia would keep up this high level offensive onslaught for the rest of the contest.

At half time, the Stingers had amassed a comfortable 33-0 lead. And unfortunately for McGill, the second half would see Concordia accumulate an even larger tally.

With just under ten minutes played in the second half, McGill suffered an injury that appeared to be quite serious. Concordia had punted the ball to McGill and two Martlets went for the catch at the same time. They collided head to head with a sickening thud. The Martlet player remained down and not moving for several minutes.

The impact was hard, and blindsided. With the entirety of her opposition team ahead of her, she surely didn’t anticipate getting hit. Eventually she was able to rise and was helped off the field to the relief and applause of the crowd.

The score line continued to grow in Concordia’s favor.

Every chance McGill had was thwarted by the Stingers, who were by far the better squad on the day.

When the full time whistle finally blew, Concordia had defeated their cross-town rival by a score of 74-0. Winning the Kelly-Anne Drummond cup in the process.

Kelly-Anne’s mother was on hand to present the trophy and give some words of encouragement to both sides. This was more than a rugby match. It was a memorial for a former Stinger who was brutally murdered by her boyfriend on October 4th, 2004. It was a reminder that nobody should have suffer domestic abuse. That help is available.

The Women Aware organization was again on hand, raising awareness and funds. Donations can be made to the organization through their website.

For Concordia, the victory is bittersweet. Keeping the cup named after a fallen alumni on campus and in such dominant fashion.


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