Pouzza Fest 9 in photos

Now that the 9th edition of the Pouzza festival is done and dusted, we’ve compiled a massive, and we mean massive, image gallery of (184) photos shot by our photographers over the three day affair.

Through rain and clouds and even the occasional bit of sunshine, our camera gurus captured every moment of Montreal’s premiere Punk festival that took place at multiple venues and spots around the downtown core. It was a weekend to remember as bands and music aficionados from all over made their annual pilgrimage, soaking up quality suds and scoffing down as much poutine as possible. Pouzza fest was once again a fantastic time.

In this gallery you will find crowd shots with a focus on the kids that came out to party at the main stage. And, of course, live concert photos of all your favorite bands. Worriers, Lost Love, Bad Cop/Bad Cop. Against Me!, Fire Next Time, War On Women, United Snakes. Elissa Janelle Velveteen, The Anti-Queens, Alex Brown & The Hepcats. The Doped Up Dollies, Direct Hit!. Big D And The Kids Table, Strung Out, The Planet Smashers. Samiam, Get The Shot, Iron Reagan. The Hangars, The Peelers, Danny Rebel & The KGB, K-Man & The 45s. The Gutter Demons, The Mahones, Subb. Andrew W.K, Night Birds and Pears.

There were so many other great bands we wished we can have covered, too. But with simultaneous time slots, that just wouldn’t have been possible. With a larger Modern Free Press crew on site, perhaps. That is something we should focus on for next year’s edition, as it will be the ten year anniversary of the festival. That’s surely something to celebrate.

So kick back, pop open a beer and check out the amazing work from Kieron Yates and Samantha Morris. Although we do hope you enjoy these images, please respect the fact these are copyright images.

Check out our full day reviews, too! Click on the following links for a full detailed report! Day One, Day Two and Day Three.

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