Montreal frozen in April

Residents on the island of Montreal awoke this morning, to a serene scene more akin to the end
of fall than to what is supposed to be the final days of spring.

Ice rain blanketed the city over night, leaving walk ways and roads slick and treacherous. In
what is seemingly an endless winter season, the unusually chilly month of April has many still
singing the winter blues.

Good news is on the horizon, however, as temperatures are said to be into the teens as early
as next weekend. But before those long summer days that the populous dream of arrive – a wet week
of rain and mix flurries is expected to fall.

Compared to Ottawa and Toronto, the greasy surfaces Montrealers will have to handle today has
no comparison. Much of Ontario was hit by a much greater storm, leaving more than 600 flights
grounded and more than 40,000 residents in the dark while Hydro One employees cut away fallen
frozen tree limbs and repair damaged power lines.

Don’t despite! The long sunny days of summer are coming! It just might not seem it right now.

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