The Bash, a festival not a supergroup


It would seem the rumored supergroup isn’t a band at all. It’s a touring festival that will be playing a few select dates.

Last week, a video clip teaser was released without further information, showing members of four bands, leading many to believe a new musical act was emerging.

Instead, Rancid, L7, Suicidal Tendencies and Pennywise will be touring together, alongside H20, Madball, Sharp Shock and No!se.

The music and craft beer festival, which have more than a hundred brews for the thirsty masses, will be playing the following areas;

5/11 Phoenix, AZ
5/12 Tucson, AZ
6/2 Englishtown, NJ
6/5 Boise, ID
6/9 Tacoma, WA
6/15 San Jose, CA
6/16 Sacramento, CA

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