Gay rights lawyer commits self immolation

Gay rights lawyer and activist, David Buckel, has committed suicide by self-immolation in a park in New York City.

A grizzly discovering was made on the morning or April 14th, as joggers came over the charred remains of known gay rights advocate and lead attorney, David Buckel,who was best for being the lead attorney in a famous case involving transgender murder victim Brandon Teena.

A note was found near the scene, stating that his suicide was in protest of ecological destruction and pollution – and in brutal fashion, the 60 year old Buckel made sure his message was heard.

“Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result — my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves,” the note read, according to the New York Times which received an emailed copy.

The case of Brendon Teena was made into a critically acclaimed 1999 film by the name of Boys Don’t Crime, starring Hilary Swank.

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