Rugby: 15th annual Kelly-Anne Drummond cup plays this Sunday

The Kelly-Anne Drummond memorial cup takes place this Sunday

This coming Sunday, the Concordia Stingers women’s rugby team will again honor a fallen teammate.

Concordia will take on McGill in the Kelly-Anne Drummond cup. Drummond played three seasons with the Stingers, before graduating with a major in communications in 2002. Always a happy person and well liked and respected amongst her peers, Drummond met a sudden and untimely demise at the hands of her boyfriend less than two years later.

On October 4th, 2004, Kelly-Anne Drummond was stabbed to death in her Pierrefonds home by Martin Morin-Cousineau only two months after moving in together. Drummond was just 24 years old.

Kelly-Anne was an exceptional athlete at Concordia University, John Abbott college and at John Rennie high school. Each fall, the Concordia Stingers hold a tournament match in her honor. A gesture of kindness and solidarity against domestic violence but also a memorial for a kind hearted human being.

The first game was held back in 2005 and is symbolic of women’s university rugby supremacy in Montreal. For the past several years, the game has been associated with the Women Aware association – as chosen by Doreen Haddad, Kelly-Anne’s mother.

Doreen Haddad and John Drummond still attend each year, and present the cup to the winning team and visit with the Stingers.

Parole twice denied for Morin-Cousineau

On two occasions, Morin-Cousineau has been denied parole. Most recently in September of 2018, where he again denied killing his then girlfriend. Morin-Cousineau continues to claim that Drummond fell, stabbing herself in the back of the head. A steak knife lodged ten centimeters into her skull resulted in the death of Kelly-Anne Drummond. Since being convicted on second-degree murder on April 16th, 2006, Morin-Cousineau has had several altercations while imprisoned. Some violent and others involving contraband substances.

He refused to participate in an anger management program after attending for just three days and to this day claims his innocence in the death of Drummond. He is currently serving a life sentence in a Cowansville penitentiary and has shown no remorse for the events surrounding Drummond’s demise.

A worthy cause

Concordia university expects a turn-out of between three and four hundred spectators so long as the weather remains nice. Forecasts suggestion a sunny 16 degrees – a perfect autumn day.


Concordia defeat Montreal 08-09-2019 - Photo by Arianne Bergeron
Concordia defeat Montreal 08-09-2019 – Photo by Arianne Bergeron

Last year’s match, also against the McGill Martlets, saw the Stingers bring home the cup with a 51-24 victory. Kick-off for the 15th annual Kelly-Anne Drummond cup will be at 1pm on Sunday, September 29th, 2019.

Domestic violence is something that should always be taken seriously. Anybody in an abusive relationship is encouraged to reach out for help. Spectators and participants are asked to make a donation to help support Women Aware programs.The Montreal organization is a non-profit, community-based centre founded by former victims of domestic violence. Its mission is to support, inspire and empower as well as prevent and strive to end domestic violence against women, men, youth and children.

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Written by Kieron Yates


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