What is a pouzza?

With the annual punk rock Pouzza festival hitting the mean potholed streets of downtown Montreal this coming weekend, it seemed an opportune time to investigate just what a pouzza really is.

Quebec might not be known for its culinary delicacies but any traveller venturing out that way we be told that they absolutely must try a poutine while exploring la belle province.

Now we’ve raised a second question before answering the first; so lets begin our investigation at poutine.

What is a poutine? Well, poutine is a Quebecois dish that has evolved significantly over the years, to the point where restaurants have dedicated themselves to all forms and bastardizations of the sacred belly busting meal.

At its most simplest, a poutine is really just french fries, curd cheese – and let it be known that anything other than curd cheese is liable to start a riot or at the very least a strongly, albeit polite, verbal beatdown, oh and sauce. That’s it. Simple. Of course, you then have a half billion gourmet options that we will save for another article.

Now that we’ve figured out what that is, we can discover just what a pouzza is. And its equally as simple.

First, get a pizza. Any pizza you like, although some styles work better than others, and this of course comes down to personal taste. It goes without saying that if you pick Hawaiian pizza for this recipe – or, well, ever; you’re a monster.

Right. Now get a poutine, and dump it on top of your pizza and there you have it! A heart attack waiting to happen. Also known as a pouzza! Pou(tine) (pi)zza; a poutine on a pizza.

Sounds disgusting. Looks worse. Tastes like heaven. Will probably cause your arteries to clog and kill you, but whatever, live a little! Take it from us, it is also the ultimate hangover food.

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